Reassured. Fucking up is not possible.

"Hell I know I oughtta leave the young thing alone but ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone."

It Will Be The Death Of Him.

Lester Dario Gomera De La Cruz will be no more if these next few years don’t follow the laid path. Any deviations, any distractions can murder the image. 

I am married.
      To my work. To the few thousand dollars I owe.
  I do not want anyone else
      all close knit ties
      all relationships are nothing more than well dressed distractions.

I have goals and I need them accomplished. If I fail “I” die.  


Spectacular Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates

Exit Lester, 4 years he’ll be back.

An Evaluation of Self Worth.

Zplayer, Android

Minimal Android setup.

Its not your fault

Its my own fault

Im not human at all

I have no heart

I have spent many hours thinking about how I’d like to live a decade or two from now and in all of my imaginings I do not have kids and I am not married. I don’t imagine friends nor do I include my family. It still seems so wonderful to me; a man his work and possessions. I hope I don’t regret the isolation. 

There is something quite the matter with me. Grammatically correct or not.